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Myle vs Juul: Choose the best บุหรี่ไฟฟ้า device

Juul vs Myle

Competitions are always between the best. This might be the reason why the JUUL Vs MYLE question is trending in the บุหรี่ไฟฟ้า market. Here is an answer.


Are you a chain smoker planning for a transition from combustible cigarettes to healthy alternative e-cigarettes? Or were you vaping for a while and considering updating your experience with a premium vape device? We recommend you try two world-class products that could indulge your vaping desires: JUUL and MYLE.

The most beneficial features of these vape devices are that they are thin, lightweight, and have a stylish and modern appeal to any other type of e-cigarettes.

But it is a common question which is the best among the two. Through this blog, we are providing you with an apt answer to it. Let us find who will win in the JUUL Vs MYLE competition. 


JUUL started its vaping journey back in 2015. The build-design of the device was more fun and stylish for a thrilling experience. The device contains two elements: the bottom part holds the temperature regulation system and the battery; on the other hand, the top has the cartridge called the pod that contains e-liquid and serves as the mouthpiece. JUUL pod has numerous flavour options. The fruit and menthol flavours from JUUL offer a new rejuvenating experience. The pods contain 0.7ml of e-juice with a nicotine level of 5%. Just select the prefilled pod of your choice, and you are ready to go. A 200mAh battery is usually used that can last to a few hours or a day depending on how often you use it. JUUL has a rechargeable battery with a USB charger. The number of puffs per pod with JUUL is calculated to an amount of about 200 puffs that is a decent amount for a thrilling vape experience.


Unlike JUUL, MYLE started its journey only in 2016 and hence it is a recent addition to the vape voyage. MYLE aims in providing a healthy e-cigarette that imitates the traditional cigarette in every aspect, maintaining the same level of satisfaction effortlessly. It incorporates some advanced vape technology features that offer an exceptional smooth puff. MYLE has a sleek and natty design like JUUL, but it is slightly wider with rounded edges and corners. Similar to JUUL, MYLE has a bottom compartment holding battery and a top compartment serving as a mouthpiece and holding the e-juice. MYLE offers a wide selection of splendid flavours. The e-juice capacity of MYLE is 0.9ml with a battery capacity of 240mAh. A user usually can intake 240 puffs per pod with the brand MYLE.

Which is better – Myle vs Juul?

Let us consider the following features to decide which brand won in the MYLE Vs JUUL competition.


JUUL provides a reasonable functionality though it is a little too simple. The stylish minimalism and elegance work on an aesthetic level. But when it comes to action, the design is not as intuitive. Measuring the battery level is difficult with just only one green, yellow or red flashing light is a difficult task. Also, there is a provision to see the level of pod juice that shows the tip of the capsule. If you see the capsule, it indicates the time for a capsule change.

MYLE also uses the flashlight option to depict the battery life. But unlike JUUL, it has 4 points, which makes it a more convenient option in the MYLE Vs JUUL battery life competition. Also, with a larger transparent provision to know how full the capsule is, MYLE V2 becomes a more useful option. However, the MYLE V3 option drops down this feature to impart a more minimal design.


The official JUUL pods are pretty high in both 3.5% and 5% nic salt options. But if you were a chain smoker who switched to vaping for deaddiction, a lower nicotine level would be your preferred choice. JUUL pods pull vapour well and feel light in the throat.

MYLE pods usually come up with 2% pods and hence can aid chain smokers in deaddiction. Heavy vapours are produced with these pods that make chain smokers comfortable.

Battery Life/Charging

The battery life of JUUL is 200mAh. On the other hand, the battery life of MYLE is 240 mAh, and hence it has a 20% to 30% longer life than JUUL.

Vape Juice

The e-juice capacity of JUUL is 0.7ml per pod, whereas for MYLE it is 0.9ml per pod. Hence MYLE will last a bit longer.

Number of Puffs

MYLE offers about 240 puffs per pod which are relatively high compared to the 200 puffs JUUL pod offers.


Although both JUUL and MYLE look almost similar, MYLE is slightly wider with rounded edges and corners. JUUL has a compact finish. Compared to the premium appeal of JUUL, the elegant minimalism of MYLE looks a little cheaper.

MYLE Vs JUUL: The Best Brand

JUUL and MYLE are exceptional products from different perspectives. They are remarkably user-friendly with smooth puffs. The exquisite collection of vape flavours these brands offer is something to crave. They both are a healthy alternative to traditional cigarettes and are trendy and effortless to carry around. Considering the best is difficult because each of us would have a different perspective. So we give our readers the benefit of choosing the winner for the JUUL Vs MYLE vape competition as per your preferences. While choosing your device, consider the above factors and decide which brand suits you more. We can assure you that both these brands are authentic in their function and purpose.